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Breast Cancer Awareness
Dr. Danielle Wellman stops by to tell us about the technology making cancer detection easier.

3D Mammography
Learn from our friends at MyCarolina Today how easy you can get your 3D Mammogram.

Carroll Overton, MD
Learn more about painful varicose veins, the symptoms, and solutions.

Brent Townsend, MD
Learn more about pediatric radiology and common parent concerns.

Kerry E. Chandler, MD
Learn more about breast density and how it pertains to your mammogram.

Lyndon Jordan III, MD
What’s in an image? Dr. Lyndon Jordan explains why no one sees you like we do.

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April 2015

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Everything Imaging TV
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April 2015

Danielle Wellman, MD
Explains the difference between 2D and 3D mammograms

Dr. Way at RSNA 2014
Fuji Highlights at RSNA 2014
Dr. William G Way Jr.
December 13 2014

Breast MRI:
From the Patient Perspective
G. Glenn Coates, MD
1 hr 6 mins

3D Mammography
Dr. Rose
3 minutes

3D Mammography
Patient Video
2 minutes

Breast Imaging
Past, Present Future
G. Glenn Coates, MD
42 minutes

Evaluating the Female Pelvis
(Ultra) Sound Advice
Danielle Wellman, MD
47 minutes

To CT or Not CT:
What is Your Question
David Schulz, MD
55 minutes

Headaches and Strokes:
Underlying Issues
Philip Saba, MD
1 hr 10 minutes

Caudal Epidural Injections
Through the Sacral Hiatus
William Vanarthos, MD
20 minutes

The Child with a UTI
Brent Townsend, MD
47 minutes

Imaging Evaluation of Children
with Bloody Stools
Margaret Rankin Douglas, MD
46 minutes

Back and Hip Pain
Symptoms and Imaging
Carroll Overton, MD
20 minutes

Choosing Between CT and MRI
Need Not Cause Headaches
Philip Saba, MD
1 hr 4 minutes

Common Leg Pains:
Interventional Solutions
Sue Weeks, MD
33 minutes

Common Diseases
and Associated Imaging
Rans Douglas, MD
55 minutes

PET-CT Update 2009
Paul Haugan, MD
39 minutes

Breast Imaging
Update 2009
Duncan Rougier-Chapman, MD
56 minutes

Breast Imaging
Update 2008
G. Glenn Coates, MD
1 hr 12 minutes

Pediatric Imaging Update
Margaret Douglas, MD
32 minutes

Coronary CT
for Chest Pain
Rans Douglas, MD
57 minutes