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Wake Radiology West Raleigh

4301 Lake Boone Trail
Raleigh, NC 27607
Scheduling: 919-232-4700
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4301 Lake Boone Trail Ste 100

Raleigh, NC 27607

4301 Lake Boone Trail Ste 103
Raleigh, NC 27607

4301 Lake Boone Trail Ste 103

Raleigh, NC 27607

Wake Radiology’s West Raleigh Breast Imaging

icon-3dmammoNow Offering 3D Mammography!

Wake Radiology is now offering 3D screening mammography at its West Raleigh Breast Imaging office. This revolutionary new screening and diagnostic tool is designed for early breast cancer detection. We believe this is the most exciting breast imaging breakthrough in nearly 20 years.

Expanded Breast Imaging Services in West Raleigh

The Wake Radiology’s West Raleigh Breast Imaging offers advanced technologies and caring technologists and radiologists who are skilled in assisting patients with breast imaging procedures like a mammogram

  • Digital screening. Wake Radiology’s digital screening mammogram takes about 30 minutes including wait time — and you don’t need a signed referral from a physician.
  • Digital diagnostic. Digital diagnostic mammograms provide radiologists a more detailed look at a potential abnormality detected on a screening mammogram. Wake Radiology’s radiologists will compare images from previous screening to detect slight variances that could indicate an abnormality.
  • Breast ultrasound. Our Cary breast imaging specialists use sound waves to take a picture of your breast, allowing them to further evaluate questionable areas seen on a mammogram or the area close to your chest wall, which is often hard to see with a traditional mammogram.
  • Breast density. Our breast imaging team has experience evaluating dense breast tissue and patients are notified in a follow-up letter of their breast density level.

Quality Breast Exam Care You Can Trust

Whether you need a baseline, annual or diagnostic mammogram, the experienced radiologists at Wake Radiology understand the importance that dedication, compassion and expertise play in building a cohesive and effective approach to the diagnosis of breast cancer. 

Schedule Your Screening Mammogram Today!

We welcome screening mammogram patients who have appointments or who are walk-ins, Wake Radiology is proud to offer 2D and 3D mammography services that can be completed in 30 minutes, including check-in time. What’s even more convenient is that we don’t require a signed physician referral for a screening mammograms if you have seen your doctor in the last 18 months. To schedule this important annual exam call 919-232-4700 or schedule online. Visit our contact page for more information, such as hours and additional area locations. Wake Radiology’s West Raleigh Breast Imaging office in West Raleigh, NC provides 2D & 3D mammography and breast imaging services for patients in the surrounding NC Triangle area.

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