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A completely different way of looking at breast imaging.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide.
A mammogram can detect cancer early, when it is most treatable.

Even though this is the case, nearly a third of American women currently do not get regular mammograms.

NCI Breast Cancer Risk Calculator

Calculate your risk of breast cancer through the National Cancer Institute.


Learn more about Breast MRI and affiliating information using Wake Radiology’s resources and online forms.

icon-meetradiologistWake Radiology is proud to be regionally recognized for the quality of our Breast MRI program. We were one of the first to perform this important study and introduced MRI-guided breast biopsy to Wake County.

The most advanced method for finding and staging breast cancer

At Wake Radiology, we understand the important role Breast MRI plays in creating a cohesive and effective approach to the diagnosis of breast cancer. While mammography remains the gold standard for breast imaging, it does not have the power of MRI.

Breast MRI is the most sophisticated imaging method for detecting and staging breast cancer. Unlike standard mammograms that use radiation to create a flat image, Breast MRI uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create sophisticated 3D images that can reveal far more than mammography. With MRI, the differentiation of abnormal or diseased breast tissue from normal tissue is typically better than with X-ray, CT, ultrasound or other imaging modalities.

An established leader in Breast MRI

Wake Radiology MRI specialists have imaged more than 9,000 breasts, giving them the level of experience required for superior interpretations. We also attribute the success of our program to strict adherence to “the rules” of Breast MRI. This means we use the highest quality magnets and equipment, and only a handful of carefully trained radiologists interpret these exams. Wake Radiology also follows another rule commonly ignored by others that recognizes that high estrogen levels negatively affect the accuracy of the Breast MRI exam. Consequently, we restrict imaging to certain days of the menstrual cycle, which dramatically improves image quality and the ability to diagnose hidden cancers.

Wake Radiology physicians work daily with multidisciplinary teams to further improve diagnoses and help identify the best treatment options. Our conclusive and structured Breast MRI reports and 3D images provide critical information on the size, extent and location of suspected disease, and are available to referring providers via PACS within 2-3 hours after study completion.


For certain patients, Breast MRI is a useful adjunct to screening mammography in the detection of breast cancer and a powerful problem solver for diagnostic dilemmas not fully evaluated by mammography and ultrasound. Breast MRI also provides a clear view of the extent of disease for patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer.


Meet Our Breast MRI Radiologists

G. Glenn Coates, MS, MD

Dr. Coates, who has been with Wake Radiology since 1996, is director of Wake Radiology’s body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services, and co-director of Breast MRI services. View Full Biography »

Carmelo Gullotto, MD

Dr. Gullotto joined Wake Radiology in 2004. He is a body imaging radiologist and a Breast MRI specialist with special clinical interest in abdominal imaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). View Full Biography »

Duncan P. Rougier-Chapman, MD

Dr. Rougier-Chapman joined Wake Radiology in 2004 and is co-director of the practice's Breast MRI services. He is a body imaging radiologist with special clinical interests in breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). View Full Biography »

Danielle L. Wellman, MD

Dr. Wellman joined Wake Radiology in 2010 and is co-director of Breast services. While at Duke University Hospital, she served as chief resident in diagnostic radiology and as a fellow in women’s imaging, including breast MRI, and mammography. View Full Biography »

Badges of Honor

Wake Radiology is proud to have received the highest accreditations possible from the American College of Radiology (ACR).

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Did You Know?

Wake Radiology is local and locally owned.

provider-60-yearsWake Radiology is a physician-directed, independent practice based in the Triangle and focused on quality outpatient imaging. And, we’ve maintained that focus for more than 60 years.

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