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Did You Know?

Wake Radiology Rises Above

100-percent-board-certified ✔  100% of Wake Radiology radiologists maintain all required certifications through the American Board of Radiology.*

✔  All images are read and interpreted by a board certified, subspecialty trained radiologist.

*Most local and regional radiology options have 20% compliance with these standards. Public Policy Polling, 2012.

Badges of Honor

Wake Radiology is proud to have received the highest accreditations possible from the American College of Radiology (ACR).

Learn more about our accreditations!

Wake Radiology Technologists

Wake Radiology joins with the American Society of Radiologic Technologists to highlight and celebrate the contributions and value of certified medical imaging professionals during National Radiologic Technology Week, November 4-10, 2018. Our Wake Radiology technologists and ultrasonographers are high experienced, credentialed team that delivers exceptional patient care.

Join us in celebrating our technologists, many who have worked for Wake Radiology for over 20 years. Learn more about our team and their certifications from the list below.

Our Technologists

Wake Radiology Technologist
21-31 YearsOffice
Penni B., RT(R)(M) West Raleigh
Denise H., RT(R)MR) RMRI
Pat C., RT(RT)(BD) CBDT North Hills
Parul G., BSRT(R)RDMS Chapel Hill
Karen C., RT (R )Cary
Sarah J., RT (R)(N) CNMTCary
Amy F., RT(R)(M)Garner
Melissa W., RT(R)(CT)North Hills
Gina H., RT R, RDMS, RVTWest Raleigh
16-20 YearsOffice
Jill G., RT(R)(M)(BD)CBDTWake Forest
Kristin C., RT(R)(MR)RMRI
Barb B., RT (R) (CT) (MRI) Cary
Rebecca A., RT(R)(M)Chapel Hill
Sheila B., RT(R)(BD)(M)CBDTGarner
Barbara C., ARDMSWest Raleigh
Teresa D., RT(R)(M) BD, CBDTWest Raleigh
Diane H., RT(R)(M) CNMTWest Raleigh
Kristina R., RT(R)(MR)RMRI
Wendy T., RT(R)(M)Wake Forest
Victoria D., RT(R)RDMS,RVTGarner
Nancy K., RT(R) RDMS, RVTNorth Hills
Kelly B., RT(R)(CT)North Hills
Courtney C., RT(R)(M) North Hills
Carla M., RT(R)(BD), CBDTWake Forest
John C., RT(R)(MR)Mobile MRI
Terry S., RT(R) RDMS RVTCary
11-15 YearsOffice
Patricia L., RT(R)(M)(CT)(BD)Chapel Hill
Susan J., RDMS,RVTGarner
Patricia F., RT(R)(M)(CT)(BD)(CBDT)Chapel Hill
Michelle M., RT(R )RDMS, RVT West Raleigh
Darra S., R.T.(R) (MR)RMRI
Diana S., RT(R)(M)West Raleigh
Kimberly M., RT(R)(MR)RMRI
Amber S., RDMS RVTCary
Regina C., RT(R)(M)(CT)Wake Forest
Sherra M., RT(R) Cary
Michelle C., RT(R)(M)Chapel Hill
Christine P., RT(R)Cary
Lynda S., RT(R)(CT)Cary
Deborah M., RT(R) RDMS, RVTNorth Hills
Julie P., RT(R)(M)BD CBDTNorth Hills
Shelley B., RT(R )West Raleigh
6-10 YearsOffice
Ashley S., RT(R )West Raleigh
Tammy T., RT(R )West Raleigh
Cheryl R., RT( R)(M)Fuquay Varina
Jennifer C., RDMS RVTCary
Meghan I., RT(R )(CT)North Hills
Jamie H., RT(R)MR)(CT)RMRI
Mary B., RT(R)(M)(MR)Wake Forest
Stacy J., RT(R)(CT)North Hills
Terry M., RT(R)(M)Garner
Christy C., RT(R)(M)RDMS,RVTWake Forest
Charlene L., RT(R)(CT) RDMS, RVTNorth Hills
Emma C., RT(R)(M)(CT)North Hills
Jillian C., RDMS RVTCary
Paula G., RDMS, RVTChapel Hill
Sheila B., RT(R)(MR)Mobile MRI
Tammy L., RT(R)(MR)Mobile MRI
Jaime R., RT(R)(BD) CBDT RDMS RVTFuquay Varina
Dawn T., R.T. (R)(MR)Cary
Angelica R., RT(R) BD ISCDFuquay Varina
Tanya C., RT(R)(M)North Hills
Jamie R., RT(R)(CT)(BD)Cary
Mia C., RDMSCary
0-5 YearsOffice
Kelley P., RDMS, RVTWest Raleigh
Tracey J., RT(R )Chapel Hill
Patricia W., R.T.(R) (MR)Mobile MRI
Leslie H., RT(R)(MR)RMRI
Jacqueline B., RT(R)(M)(BD)CBDTCary
Ashley A., RT(R)(M)QM Cary
Cynthia W., RDMS, RVTChapel Hill
Liz P., RT(R )(BD)CBDTFuquay Varina
Kimberly B., RT(R)(M)(BD)Chapel Hill
Jacqueline O., RT(R)Cary
Morgan W., RDMS, RVTWest Raleigh
Ansley L., RT(R)(BD)CBDTCary
Rachel J., RT(R)(CT)Chapel Hill
Laurie H., RT(R)(BD)(M)CBDTGarner
Yvette C., RT(R)(M)North Hills
Shelly G., RT(R)(CT)Cary
Jodie U., RT(R) North Hills
Bobbie C., RDMS, RVTChapel Hill
Kristi M., RT(R)MR)(CT)RMRI
Tiffany G., RT(R)(M)West Raleigh
Hannah S., RT(R)(CT)West Raleigh
Heather S., RT(R )RDMS, RVTWest Raleigh
Maria P., RDMS RVTCary
Sarah S., RT(R)(M)Cary
Rachel M., R.T. (R)(MR)Cary
Amanda F., RT(R) North Hills
Amy C., RT(R)(CT)Garner
Erica V., RT(R)(M)Cary
Autumn T., RT(R) RDMSCary
Christopher S., CNMT, PTCary
Angie C., RT (R) (M), RDMSGarner
Elizabeth M., RT (R) (M)Cary
Cynthia O., RT (R) (M)Cary
Ashley W., RDMSWest Raleigh
Chasitie W., RT (R)(CT)(MR)Garner
Jordan B., RT (R) Garner
Katie H., RT (R) Garner
Kelly E., RT (R)(N) CNMTCary
Ashley R., RT (R)(CT)(BD)Cary
Matthew M., CNMT (CT)(PT)Cary
Mona W., RNWest Raleigh
Shawn M., RNWest Raleigh
Robert G., RT (R)(VI)West Raleigh

The following list includes accrediting organizations as well as the credentials and certifications achieved by our team members.

R.T. Registered Technologist
R.R.A Registered Radiologist Assistant
(R) Radiography
(N) Nuclear Medicine Technology
(MR) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(M) Mammography
(CT) Computed Tomography
(QM) Quality Management
(BD) Bone Densitometry
(VS) Vascular Sonography
(CI) Cardiac-Interventional Radiography


ARRT The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
BSRT Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology
RT Registered Technologist
(R) Radiography
(N) Nuclear Medicine Technology
(MR) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(M) Mammography
(CT) Computed Tomography
(QM) Quality Management
(BD) Bone Densitometry
(VS) Vascular Sonography
(BSRT) Breast Sonography


ARDMS American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography
RDMS Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonography
RVT Registered Vascular Technologist


NMTCB Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board
CNMT Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist
(PET) Positron Emmision Tomography (through NMTCB)


ISCD International Society for Clinical Densitometry
CBDT Certified Bone Densitometry Technologist
CDT Certified Densitometry Technologist

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