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62 Years Thankful

What a difference 120 years can make! In November 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen first produced and detected an X-ray, eventually earning him a Nobel Prize. As we enter a time of thanksgiving, I was moved to think about how advances in medical imaging – and the lives its saves – is something that leaves me and many of our patients doubly blessed.

While the basic X-ray hasn’t changed much in over a century, there have been significant advances in using X-ray technology to develop tools like CT and 3D mammography. These wonderful improvements allow for the early and noninvasive diagnosis of life-threatening injuries and illnesses.  Diagnostic imaging has saved lives and improved living for nearly everyone in the developed world.

In 1953, Wake Radiology opened the Triangle’s first outpatient imaging office in Cameron Village and it featured one general purpose X-ray machine. During the last 62 years, Wake Radiology has added 19 offices and expanded its service to the community by providing X-ray, CT, mammography, ultrasound, PET-CT and MRI while being a leader in subspecialty care and radiation safety.

Our longevity in this ever-expanding field is based on the commitment of our specialty physicians to quality medicine and individualized care that supports a healthy community.  Our doctors have more than 1,000 years of collective experience and are dedicated to a standard of excellence that this area has come to associate with Wake Radiology. While we value the many awards and accreditations we’ve earned, we most cherish the trust of our many patients and thousands of area doctors.

The field of radiology now has 120 years under its belt, and Wake Radiology has been serving this area for over half of them. While we are proud of our history and the trust associated with the millions of exams we have seen over the years, the work we do every day is extremely personal. We never forget that each image belongs to a person – our patient.

We are so very thankful to all of those who place your and your family’s health in our care. Our goal, as it was 62 years ago, is to offer our best care to you and better the health of our community with each exam we perform.

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