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What Makes An Image?

I am sometimes asked, “what makes an image?”   For an x-ray image, most people think of a film on a lightbox with shadows of bones and organs. As a radiologist, I can tell you that an image is much more than that at Wake Radiology.

The radiographic image is the final product of a long and deliberate process involving a team of professionals working toward the common goal of providing an accurate medical diagnosis. So much goes into making the image long before the patient arrives for the exam.

First is the identification and training of staff and physicians. Wake Radiology physicians have undergone extensive training.   The highly skilled physicians have been trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Many have written articles and books on medical topics. All have specialized experience or fellowship training supporting more than 1,000 years of combined medical experience. Of course, this critical step cannot occur overnight.

The second step in obtaining the right image is in investing in the right equipment. Wake Radiology makes a conscience and continuous investment in high quality MRI, CT, mammography and all other equipment necessary to get the perfect image.

Next is the building a reputation that’s based on trust within the medical community. Wake Radiology collaborates with thousands of top-notch doctors in our area who entrust the care of their patients to us, as we have done for over 60 years. We have built this reputation one image at a time – millions of times over.

The fourth step in getting the right image involves working closely with the ordering clinician to determine the appropriate imaging test. Doing the best test the first time (and doing it well) defines the very foundation of quality and value. After all, value is at the core of the next era in medicine. Our close connection with the medical community is facilitated by cutting edge online interfaces and analytics as well as direct 24/7 access to our physicians. We are only a phone call or a click away.

At Wake Radiology, the patient is at the heart of each image we see – the fifth and most important step. From the moment an exam is ordered, we take special care of the patient. Whether is it is simply a warm welcome at one of our many facilities or a compassionate hand-hold during anxious moments, we recognize that the patient is why we are here. When a patient enters our care, more than 300 skilled staff and employees stand ready to do what it takes to create the best image while providing the best experience.

Finally, the last and most critical step is the image review and diagnosis formulation. Wake Radiology places high priority on prompt, complete and accurate reporting that facilitates the next step in a patient’s care. Each image and its accompanying reports are made available through Wake Radiology’s sophisticated data network so that images are available whenever and wherever they are needed – all with keen attention given to strict privacy guidelines.

So, back to the question of “what makes an image?” When I see a radiographic image, I see so much more than black and white shadows. I first see all of the important steps that are required to make that radiographic image a Wake Radiology image: everything from world class trained doctors and staff to an unwavering commitment to imaging technology and to the community. I see more than 300 team members and skilled radiology physicians completely dedicated to every image we acquire. Most importantly, I see a patient – a person entrusting their health and life with us. With every image, we take that responsibility extremely seriously and with same dedication that has built a reputation over 60 years.

At Wake Radiology, no one sees you like we do.

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