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Did You Know?

3D-imagingWake Radiology is the Triangle leader in 3D mammography. Wake Radiology offers 3D mammography in multiple locations: Cary, Raleigh, Garner, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Smithfield and Fuquay-Varina. Schedule your appointment! Learn more.    


Wake Radiology offers conventional 2D as well as 3D mammography. Evening, Saturday and same-day appointments are available, plus walk-ins are welcome. Watch the Video…

Become an Advocate for 3D Mammography

Change often happens faster when there is a collective voice. That’s why, Wake Radiology is providing information about 3D mammography and insurance coverage to guide women in being advocates for their health.

3D mammography is a revolutionary screening and diagnostic tool designed for early breast cancer detection. We believe this is the most exciting breast screening breakthrough in nearly 20 years. The benefits of 3D mammography include:

  • Greater accuracy for earlier and easier detection
  • Fewer call backs. 

Learn more about 3D mammography and how the screening is performed. 

The Cost of 3D Mammography

Currently in North Carolina, 3D mammography screenings are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Aetna and Medicare. However, it’s important for patients to verify coverage with their particular plan because some employer plans do not include 3D mammography. Contact your HR department to learn more.

At Wake Radiology, we file 3D mammogram screenings with your insurance carrier for processing. If the exam is not covered or isn’t applied to a deductible or co-insurance, you will receive a statement for payment. Wake Radiology does offer interest-free payment plans to help ensure cost isn’t a factor in deciding to have a 3D mammogram.  

Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider and Employer

Your voice makes a difference in ensuring that 3D mammography is covered by insurance. And, Wake Radiology supports you in being an advocate for women’s health. Spread the word about coverage for 3D mammography!

STEP 1: Contact Your Insurance Carrier

These are the largest insurance organizations in North Carolina. 

Blue Cross Blue Shields 

Visit your Blue Cross Blue Shields account portal to view your benefits / coverage. 



David Cordani
President and CEO

Jill Herriott
Global Head Customer Experience



Dr. Andy Baskin
National Medical Director

Dr. Robert McDonough
Medical Director



NC Department of Insurance


Wayne Goodman
North Carolina Insurance


STEP 2: Email Your Insurance Carrier

To Whom it May Concern,
More than 230,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States each year, but their chance of survival improves with early detection. That’s why Medicare and a growing number of private insurance companies now cover 3D mammograms for breast cancer screening.

As my health insurance provider, I urge you to provide coverage for 3D mammography exams. They help patients like me avoid unnecessary callbacks and make sure you don’t pay for unnecessary biopsies. Plus, they detect invasive breast cancers in the early stages of the disease in women of all ages and all breast-tissue density types.

I deserve a better mammogram, as do all the women you cover. Please update your coverage policy so that my next breast cancer screening exam can be a 3D mammogram.


STEP 3: Share Your Advocacy with Friends

You can make a difference by advocating that 3D mammography is fully covered by insurance. Share your position with friends and family on Facebook.

Learn More about 

As you gather information about being an advocate, the American for Breast Health is a great resource. Learn more!


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