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The True Definition of Quality & Value

Wake Radiology understands that people may be tempted to believe all imaging is equal or that low-cost radiology is “good enough.” As an integral partner in the continuum of patient care Wake Radiology recognizes the importance of quality and value in the services we provide. 

Radiology is central to the practice of modern medicine, touching nearly every disease area from cardiology to oncology to orthopedics and more. Not surprisingly,  image quality and interpretation accuracy impacts the length and quality of life for thousands of Triangle men, women and children every day. Even well intended attempts to steer providers and patients to “cheap” imaging can result in unintended higher costs. Learn more about steerage

At Wake Radiology, we understand the true value and impact of keeping quality in the imaging equation—and what it actually takes to do so. This is why we deliver subspecialty interpretations and do everything possible to ensure that the right study is performed for the right patient at the right time for the right medical reasons.

Wake Radiology delivers informed and accurate reports based on high quality images. We eliminate unnecessary or duplicate exams. Our highly trained clinicians provide the caliber of imaging that our community requires at a cost-effective rate. This approach also supports high quality health outcomes and helps contain overall healthcare costs at the same time.

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