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Wake Radiology Raleigh MRI

3811 Merton Drive
Raleigh, NC 27609
Scheduling: 919-232-4700
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WAKE RADIOLOGY: Raleigh - North Hills

3821 Merton Drive

Raleigh, NC 27609

3821 Merton Drive

Raleigh, NC 27609

3811 Merton Drive

Raleigh, NC 27609

Wake Radiology Raleigh MRI

Comprehensive MRI Scans at Raleigh MRI

Wake Radiology’s innovative MRI scans are designed to bring you the medical results you need as quickly as possible. Available for pediatric and adult patients, our MRIs provide 2D and 3D images of bones, tissues and organs, so doctors and radiologists can get a clearer picture of any internal abnormalities. MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, scans work by using a magnetic field and pulsed radio waves to create diagnostic images. We offer breast, neuro, body, orthopedic and pediatric MRI scans that are painless and noninvasive, with some patients reporting even falling asleep inside the MRI scanner. If you currently suffer from claustrophobia, or anxiety, Wake Radiology’s skilled MRI technologists are skilled at calming nervous patients. If necessary, our onsite radiologist can administer a mild sedative so your MRI scan is as pleasant as possible. Patients receiving sedation cannot drive after the appointment and must be accompanied by someone to drive them home.

Causes for an MRI Scan

Physicians may recommend an MRI scan for an array of reasons. This type of diagnostic imaging is highly useful for providing information that radiologists and doctors may not be able to discern from other imaging modalities. MRI, MR Angiography, to study blood vessels and MRI Arthrography for joints are studies that can be used to diagnose many conditions like:

  • Tumors, blockage and infection of liver, gallbladder and pancreas
  • Vascular blockage or aneurysm
  • Neurologic brain or spinal cord conditions
  • Congenital disorders
  • Infections and injury to bones and joints

At Wake Radiology’s Raleigh MRI Center we offer extended evening and weekend hours and take pride in getting you back to your regular schedule as quickly as possible.

Schedule Your MRI with the Most Experienced North Hills Radiology Team

If your physician has recommended a body, breast, orthopedic or pediatric MRI, call the MRI scheduling team at Wake Radiology’s Raleigh MRI center at 919-232-4700. You may also visit our contact page to learn more about our safety checklist and get additional location information, as well as hours. Wake Radiology performs MRI scans at our North Hills MRI center in Raleigh, NC, as well as from our Cary MRI center.

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