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4301 Lake Boone Trail, Ste. 103, Raleigh, NC 27607 Printable Map
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Wake Radiology West Raleigh

4301 Lake Boone Trail
Raleigh, NC 27607
Scheduling: 919-232-4700
Office: 919-781-6707
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4301 Lake Boone Trail Ste 100

Raleigh, NC 27607

4301 Lake Boone Trail Ste 103
Raleigh, NC 27607

4301 Lake Boone Trail Ste 103

Raleigh, NC 27607

West Raleigh Diagnostic & Sports Imaging

Innovative Diagnostic Imaging in West Raleigh, NC

In the moment that you need an x-ray for a possible broken bone, or if a doctor recommends an ultrasound to detect potential disease stages, contact the diagnostic medical imaging experts at Wake Radiology’s West Raleigh, NC medical center. At Wake Radiology, we are proud to offer diagnostic imaging services that were previously only available at hospitals or large health centers. Whether it’s an ultrasound, nuclear medicine or x-ray, our skilled radiologists are ready to help.

West Raleigh X-Rays, Ultrasounds & Nuclear Medicine

Wake Radiology has years of experience serving patients traveling from across the Triangle. We currently offer the following diagnostic imaging services at our location in West Raleigh:

  • X-Ray Wake Radiology is proud to provide x-ray services to adults and children alike. Our West Raleigh x-ray technology works to diagnose broken or fractured bones through a series of low doses of radiation. X-rays may also show evidence of arthritis, pneumonia and scoliosis.
  • Ultrasound At our West Raleigh medical center, radiologists perform ultrasounds to detect any potential issues with organs such as the liver, pancreas, kidneys or spleen. Ultrasounds utilize a series of high frequency sound waves to give radiologists a clear picture of what’s happening inside a patient.
  • Nuclear Medicine Wake Radiology’s nuclear medicine techniques enable radiologists to see how a patient’s organs function, leading to more in-depth disease diagnoses and stage prognoses. This also helps technologists learn how a disease works metabolically.

Schedule an Appointment

At Wake Radiology, we believe in bringing you, the patient, the highest quality care and techniques possible. Our certified technologists have hundreds of years of combined experience so you know you’ll be getting the care you need and deserve. Call to schedule your study at Wake Radiology’s West Raleigh office at 919-232-4700 or visit our contact page for more information. Wake Radiology’s West Raleigh imaging office provides CT, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and x-ray appointments to patients in the greater Raleigh area and beyond.  

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