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There is nothing more important to Wake Radiology, than our patients’ experience. Do you have a story? We would like for our patients and families to share their story to help those going through a similar experience.

Patient Stories

Dakota Thomas: Dedicated, Compassionate Care & 3D Mammography Made All the Difference

Dakota Thomas: Dedicated, Compassionate Care & 3D Mammography Made All the Difference

Healthcare professionals often have extra high expectations when they become the patient. We know that our care and quality is valued…and graded every day. A big thank you to Dakota Thomas for sharing her experience at Wake Radiology’s Cary Breast Imaging Center! We know you’re message about 3D mammography and quality care will strike a chord with many women throughout the Triangle.

Jane Crowder: Early Detection with 3D Mammography

With a family history of breast cancer, Jane Crowder knew the importance of her annual screening mammogram. This year, at 44, Jane’s diligence to having her annual mammogram and her commitment to 3D technology paid off. Check out her story!

Donna Parker: Finding the Right Care Team for You

Getting a mammogram, no matter if it’s your first or your fifteenth, can be somewhat nerve racking. This was the case for Donna Parker, a Mebane native who recently switched to Wake Radiology for her yearly mammogram. Although she had never had a poor experience at her previous providers, something just clicked when she arrived at Wake Radiology.

Peace of Mind Comes From a Simple Routine: Marsha Abrams

A lot of us work pretty hard to keep a routine. That’s the mentality Marsha Abrams applies every year when it’s time to have her screening mammogram. It’s part of her routine. An important part that gives her peace of mind.

I Never Thought It’d Be Me: Tara Sparks

Tara Sparks, a mother of three and a wife for 23 years, didn’t think that a routine screening for breast cancer was something that could benefit her. But, that was before a surprising life twist and some amazing community support. Today, she’s proud to be both an advocate for screening mammography and a breast cancer survivor.

Going The Extra Mile: Kay Casper’s Story

A breast cancer diagnosis can leave a woman feeling defeated and hopeless. Family and friends rally support and offer to help — and that means the world. But, compassionate, respectful care from from your healthcare team can be a source of unexpected strength. Read Kay Casper’s story about how a dedicated care team directly impacted how she was able to fight this disease.

How 3D Mammography Changed My Life

As a retired school teacher of 40 years, Gail Woolard knows the importance of following directions. When it comes to her health, she listens to the recommended guidelines to receive a yearly mammogram, starting at the age of 40. Following these directions — year in and year out — not only gave Gail peace of mind, but it may have saved her life.

Quality Care Should Never Be a Request

At 35, while performing a self examination, Laura Dowds found a lump in her breast. Although it was small, she instantly knew it was not supposed to be there. She shares her story about how mammography and respectful care from the Wake Radiology team helped her beat breast cancer.

Monthly Diligence Matters: A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Story

Most of us know that monthly breast exams are important. Karen Carter knew it and shared that information daily with other women. Karen is an Assistant Manager and Technologist at Wake Radiology. She shares her story about how this simple, easy exam saved her life. Having been involved in the medical field for 42 years, I have always been diligent about getting my yearly mammogram as well as doing monthly breast exams.

Acting On Impulse To Overcome a Fear: Jennifer Springer

Jennifer Springer had just turned 40 years old. She had promised a dear friend who is a breast cancer survivor that she would get a mammogram. She had been putting it off. There was always a good reason for not doing it today. And, she was scared. Find out why four simple words were all she needed to hear.

One of Our Own: Susan Bradsher

Susan Bradsher began working at Wake Radiology in 1985. After a break while her children were young, she returned to Wake Radiology in 2007. When 3D mammography was introduced in 2013, her boss, Kim Morris, suggested she try it. Susan was 49 years old and healthy. It had been two years since her last mammogram.

The Women in the Center Ring

Behind those pink gloves, there is a story, a very personal story about how each of these women faced her breast cancer. While these women may look like someone you know — a sister, mom, or friend — they are extremely special to us.

James Smith – a Grateful MRI Patient

For nearly 58 years James Smith (patient’s name has been changed to protect his privacy), has defied the odds. He has lived with a rare, undiagnosed congenital condition. It’s called a diaphragmatic hernia. In Smith’s case, his is an even rarer type called Morgagni’s hernia.

Anita Jacobs

Anita Jacobs (patient’s name has been changed to protect her identity) had her first run in with breast cancer at age 46.

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