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Acting On Impulse To Overcome a Fear: Jennifer Springer

We all know that a little encouragement can go a long way. 

Jennifer Springer of Cary had just turned 40 years old. She had promised a dear friend who is a breast cancer survivor that she would get her first mammogram. She had been putting it off. There was always a good reason for not doing it today. And, she was scared.

Jennifer drives past the Wake Radiology Morrisville location on a regular basis. Located minutes from her home, it’s near a popular intersection that she travels through often. She had thought about calling countless times before. One day, she did.

The person who answered Jennifer’s call said the best thing ever, “Why don’t you come right now?” “Within minutes, honestly before I could change my mind, I grabbed my keys, drove up to the office and was greeted by a really nice woman. Maybe 20 minutes later, I was done. I had had my first mammogram,” said Jennifer Springer.

Like a lot of women, Jennifer was scared. She was sure that getting a mammogram would hurt. Or worse – she would get the same diagnosis that one out of every eight women receive (according to American Cancer Society). She was worried that, like her dear friend, she would have breast cancer. “All of the people at Wake Radiology Morrisville really did make it easy. If I had known just how easy, I would not have put it off for as long as I did,” Springer shared.

Following the mammogram, Jennifer was told that she had dense breast tissue. Having dense breast essentially means that the breast is comprised of a high percentage of fibrous or glandular tissue, but not much fat. This relatively common condition can also make it more challenging for a radiologist. Jennifer learned first-hand that dense breast tissue appears white on a mammogram. To confirm a suspicious abnormality in her mammogram, Jennifer had a follow-up diagnostic ultrasound at the Wake Radiology Cary Breast Center.

“Even though the person on the phone was reassuring and polite, I was terrified when I got the callback. Your mind immediately starts racing and you think the worst. I sat on my couch and just cried because I was so scared. All I could think about was my children and my husband,” Springer said.

“I was so thankful for how quickly I could be seen and for the way everyone at the Cary office treated me – from the staff and technologists to the radiologist I saw. They were kind, comforting and direct in giving me information about my case. It was just what I needed.”

Luckily, Jennifer did not have cancer, but her experience has changed her tune about getting a regular screening mammogram. Now, she’s the one giving encouragement. “I tell anyone who will listen to me about my Wake Radiology experience,” Springer says. “Most of my closest friends are nearing or just over 40. Now, I’m the one saying ‘just go get your annual mammogram, don’t put it off, it’s really not bad, plus they will take great care of you.’”

We are extremely grateful that Jennifer chose Wake Radiology and for her sharing her story. We’re also extremely proud to be able to take care of women when they are ready or need a mammogram.

Our Morrisville office now offers 3D mammography and walk-in appointments are welcome! Many of our ACR-accredited breast imaging offices also have walk-in, evening and weekend appointments. To take Jennifer’s advice, click here to find out which office is close to your home or office and if you’re ready… schedule your screening mammogram.

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