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Breast Biopsy

Wake Radiology offers three types of image-guided breast biopsy procedures: stereotactic, ultrasound and MRI.

Comprehensive services and personal attention

If a biopsy is indicated, Wake Radiology will identify the best modality for guiding the biopsy based on the nature and location of the abnormality. We also discuss the initial findings and the specific recommended biopsy procedure with each patient.  Patients may have the procedure performed at our facility or may opt for a surgical referral via the referring physician. In many cases, we are able to offer the patient a same-day procedure, especially for ultrasound-guided biopsy. While a biopsy appointment typically takes 45-60 minutes, the procedure itself takes only 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, patients can resume normal activity (except for lifting) and exercise within a few days. Wake Radiology schedules the patient to return to our facility two days after the procedure to personally review positive pathology results and appropriate follow-up. We understand the anxiety associated with a breast cancer diagnosis so our approach is distinctly different from other radiology providers in our area who notify patients with a quick phone call.

Pathology follow-up for 100% of recommended biopsies

Wake Radiology follows up on 100% of our recommended biopsies versus the 10% required by the FDA’s Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA). We take multiple steps after each of our biopsy recommendations to ensure appropriate follow-up is performed, including a direct conversation with the patient if necessary. We not only do this for every imaging patient we biopsy ourselves, but we also take the extraordinary step of doing this for all our imaging patients biopsied by local surgeons. This unique comprehensive approach ensures the pathologic diagnosis correlates with the breast imaging findings for every patient seen at Wake Radiology. This time-consuming process helps prevent false negatives due to sampling errors and ensures that our team is continually learning and improving.    

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