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 Breast Ultrasound

Wake Radiology understands that a breast ultrasound can add important information to the results of other tests such as a mammogram or Breast MRI to correlate findings. A breast ultrasound uses sound waves to make a picture of the breast including the area closest to the chest wall, which is hard to study with a mammogram. Breast ultrasound does not use X-rays or other potentially harmful types of radiation, does not replace the need for a mammogram, and is often used to check abnormal results from a mammogram. A breast ultrasound may be done to find the cause of breast symptoms, such as pain, swelling, and redness or check a lump found during breast self-examination or physical examination. It is used to see whether a breast lump is fluid-filled (a cyst) or if it is a solid lump. A lump that has no fluid or that has fluid with floating particles may need more tests. At Wake Radiology, breast ultrasounds are performed by technologists certified in ultrasonography and interpreted by board certified radiologists, many of who are dedicated to breast imaging.


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