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Wake Radiology is local and locally owned.

provider-60-yearsWake Radiology is a physician-directed, independent practice based in the Triangle and focused on quality outpatient imaging. And, we’ve maintained that focus for more than 60 years.

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Badges of Honor

Wake Radiology is proud to have received the highest accreditations possible from the American College of Radiology (ACR).

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Focus & Philosophy

When it comes to imaging children, being small is a really big deal for the pediatric radiologists at Wake Radiology. We understand the key role that high quality imaging and image-guided treatment plays in the health and age-appropriate care of infants, children, adolescents and young adults. From a common chest X-ray to complex studies, our mission is to provide each child with the level of care and personal attention we would want for our own family. Our goal is to reduce anxiety and help patients and their families feel reassured, while collaborating with their clinicians to find the answers they need. Our approach is hands on because we know – hands down – that this is what it takes to truly deliver excellence in imaging children.

We know children are not little adults

While some diseases seen in children are the same as in adults, many conditions are seen only in certain pediatric age groups. The dynamics are different in a growing body, from pre-term infants to large adolescents. Our pediatric radiologists have greater experience with these normal variants and developmental anatomy than general radiologists do. This training allows them to more confidently and correctly identify normal findings that prevent unnecessary follow-up imaging or intervention. Their expertise in pathology that is unique to children leads to more accurate diagnosis and classification.

We take pediatric radiation exposure seriously

Children are two to ten times more sensitive to radiation than adults and will have longer lifetimes of medical exposure. Our pediatric radiologists are committed to low-dose imaging to clarify clinical questions with the least amount of exposure possible. They employ the safest imaging techniques and protocols, including reducing the amount of radiation used and scanning only the area that needs to be diagnosed or treated. Whenever a clinical answer can be obtained with ultrasound (no radiation) instead of CT (which uses ionizing radiation), we will discuss this alternative with the ordering clinician and perform an ultrasound first.

Ultrasound works particularly well in children because they have less soft tissue than adults (which makes it easier for the sound waves to penetrate), they can move around without compromising the image, and the ultrasound probe can be targeted directly to the site of pain or the palpable finding, increasing sensitivity. The result is pediatric-specific medical imaging that allows accurate diagnosis and protects children from excess radiation exposure.

In an increasing number of cases, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is the right choice for imaging a young patient, and the modality uses no ionizing radiation. MRI is particularly useful as an alternative to CT in following chronic conditions for which the frequency of imaging would otherwise quickly lead to a large cumulative radiation dose.

We have deep compassion for children

Unlike adults, kids are often anxious in an unfamiliar environment and don’t understand what is happening and why. When a child is unwell, they follow their instincts, which may be to cry and stay close to their parents. Our pediatric radiologists, technologists and staff are all trained in earning a child’s trust and cooperation so they keep still for their imaging test and feel safe. Every child is unique, with his or her own set of  worries and one of the most rewarding challenges is to figure out what is worrying each child, and then to find an effective way to relieve those fears. The result is a happier child, less stressful parents and superior image quality.

We embrace parents and other caregivers

Parents, grandparents and other caregivers are understandably worried about their children. Our pediatric radiologists take the time to answer questions and do what it takes to provide timely results.

We are devoted to excellence

We are not general radiologists who spend just a portion of our time with children. Instead, we have dedicated our professional lives to this very special subspecialty, obtaining the level of formal training and real world clinical experience required for genuine expertise in the detection, diagnosis and staging of disease in children. We also bring the special care, patience and adaptation as well as skillful hands needed to image our smallest patients.


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