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Subject: Ortho & Sports Imaging

Ortho & Sports Imaging
Our Wake Radiology orthopedic and sports imaging doctors are subspecialty trained and focus on muscle and skeletal health concerns.

Ortho & Sports Imaging
2016 promo

Ortho & Sports Imaging
2016 radio spot

Understanding Shoulder Pain
Dr. Rusty Wilson explains how medical imaging can help diagnosis shoulder pain and determine appropriate treatment.

Caudal Epidural Injections
Through the Sacral Hiatus
William Vanarthos, MD
20 minutes

Back and Hip Pain
Symptoms and Imaging
Carroll Overton, MD
20 minutes

WRAL – Bone Densitometry Tests Uncover Osteoporosis (2001)

Minimally Invasive Relief from Back Pain

What does a MRI of the hip show?

Hip pain can stem from many causes including problems with a patient’s bony structures as well as in their soft tissues. A correct diagnosis is critical to ensuring that the best possible treatment plan is chosen. Wake Radiology’s Dr. Nik Wasudev explains the benefits of a hip MRI and how it can help determine the cause of pain. Learn more…

A Technologist’s View: What Did You See?

Quality images are the foundation for an accurate diagnosis. One of our radiologic technologists explains why capturing just the right image is critical to your health. And, how providing the best quality images makes it possible for our subspecialty radiologists to make a diagnosis. Learn more…

What Is That on My X-Ray?

Ever wonder what that item is on your x-ray? Almost every person who comes into our office for an x-ray asks about “that thing in the corner.” One of our technologist has the answer to question everyone wants answered. Learn more…

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