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Subject: Technologist View

A Technologist’s View: What Did You See?

Quality images are the foundation for an accurate diagnosis. One of our radiologic technologists explains why capturing just the right image is critical to your health. And, how providing the best quality images makes it possible for our subspecialty radiologists to make a diagnosis. Learn more…

What Is That on My X-Ray?

Ever wonder what that item is on your x-ray? Almost every person who comes into our office for an x-ray asks about “that thing in the corner.” One of our technologist has the answer to question everyone wants answered. Learn more…

Initials or Credentials? What Do Those Letters Mean?

Ever wonder what’s behind the name? What those letters mean? When you visit a Wake Radiology office, you’ll notice each employee wearing a badge that includes our new logo and a photo of the employee along with their name, credentials, and primary job title. Throughout the years, patients and family members have often asked what our credentials mean. Learn more…

Do I really need a mammogram every year?

I’m always surprised by just how often I hear that question.
I’ve worked as a mammography technologist for a little over two years. During that time, I’ve heard countless women say, “I read or heard that you really don’t need a mammogram every year.” Or, others who say “no one in my family has breast cancer so I don’t need a mammogram every year.”
So when I hear those statements or am asked that question, here’s what I say: Learn more…

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