It Only Takes Two!

It only takes two minutes to schedule your screening mammogram at any of our outpatient locations.

Schedule Your Screening Mammogram at UNC MyChart


If you have a UNC MyChart account, login and schedule. Need an account? Click here to request access.

The Facts about 40

Learn what you need to know about the recommendations for your annual mammogram. 

  • Under the age 30: talk to your doctor to determine if a diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound is needed
  • Over the age 30: there is no order is required to schedule your screening mammogram
  • Between the age of 30-35: you need to check with their insurance carrier to see if their policy covers screening mammography 

Learn More About Your Screening Mammogram and the Facts about 40

Our Scheduling Team

If you would like to schedule your screening mammography by phone, you You can call our Scheduling TeamL

Monday-Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm

Mammograms & Covid Vaccines

If you recently had, or are planning to have, a COVID vaccine, we recommend you schedule your screening mammogram prior to receiving your first COVID-19 vaccine or waiting 4-6 weeks after your second vaccination.

We have two easy ways to schedule your 3D screening mammogram at Wake Radiology UNC REX.

  • Use the button to the right to schedule through UNC MyChart. You can pick your day, time and location.

  • Fill out the form below and our Scheduling Team will call you to finalize the details.

Questions? Call our Scheduling Team Monday-Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm to schedule your appointment at 919-232-4700. If you recently had, or are planning to have, a COVID vaccine, we recommend waiting 4-6 weeks after your vaccination.

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