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Komen Race for the Cure 2010 Gallery

Saturday, June 12, 2010 • With our 2010 theme: “We’re no lightweight when it comes to detecting breast cancer”, Team Wake Radiology ascended on the grounds of Meredith College with a troop of 74 physicians, staff, and friends to support the Susan G. Komen Triangle Race for the Cure. A hot spring day reaching temperatures of over 90 degrees made for lots of sweat, but the fun and exhilarating emotion of over 5,000 breast cancer survivors and record attendance of over 25,000 people made every minute worthwhile. Thanks to all of you for coming out in support of this worthy cause! WakeRad Team Captain: Susan Montagne Courtesy of William Vanarthos Photography, Stacy Pollock, and Janet Figueroa-Davis WR-Komen-2010-1.jpg WR_Komen-14.jpg WR-Komen-17.jpg WR-Komen-2010-2.jpg WR-Komen-2010-3.jpg WR-Komen-2010-4.jpg WR-Komen-2010-5.jpg WR-Komen-13.jpg WR-Matzko.jpg WR-Komen-2010-6.jpg WR-Komen-15.jpg WR-Komen-25.jpg WR-Komen-24.jpg WR-Komen-23.jpg WR-Komen-22.jpg WR-Komen-21.jpg WR-Komen-20.jpg WR-Komen-2010-7.jpg WR-Komen-2010-8.jpg WR-Komen-16.jpg WR-Komen-2010-9.jpg WR-Komen-2010-11.jpg WR-Komen-18.jpg

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