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Wake Radiology Pediatrics Offers Reduced Radiation Fluoroscopy

RALEIGH (March 14, 2011) – Wake Radiology has installed an advanced fluoroscopic system at its pediatric imaging center in West Raleigh. The new unit allows radiologists to significantly reduce the dose of radiation used during pediatric fluoroscopic exams.

Wake Radiology has the largest pediatric imaging program in Raleigh. The four fellowship trained pediatric radiologists include Margaret R. Douglas, MD, Catherine B. Lerner, MD, Laura T. Meyer, MD and Brent A. Townsend, MD.

“Radiation dose is always a concern to parents and radiologists,” explained Margaret Douglas, MD, director, pediatric imaging. “Our practice has invested in this cutting-edge technology so that our youngest patients will receive the least amount of radiation possible during their fluoroscopic exams.”

According to Dr. Douglas, children are especially sensitive to radiation as their bodies are still growing and their cells are actively dividing. Additionally, children have a long lifespan, which offers more time for any negative effects of radiation to develop.

Fluoroscopy is real-time moving images that are produced using multiple X-rays captured on an image intensifier and then displayed on a video monitor. This allows radiologists to see internal organs at work. Common exams include voiding cystourethrograms (VCUG) to diagnose vesicoureteral reflux and upper gastrointestinal (UGI) examinations to diagnose disease in the esophagus, stomach and small intestines. Traditional fluoroscopy produces about 30 images per second, while the new pulsed imaging system lets the radiologist decide how many images are needed for accurate results, down to 3 images per second.

“Using this system, we can control how many images per second are created, allowing us to use only the amount of radiation that we need to obtain the diagnostic information,” noted Dr. Douglas. “This is a wonderful benefit where we can significantly reduce the dose of radiation without compromising our diagnostic quality.”

The advanced fluoroscopic system, which is housed at Wake Radiology Pediatric Imaging, is also available for adult patients who need fluoroscopic exams.

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About Wake Radiology

Wake Radiology proudly serves the Triangle area with 17 convenient locations and 55 board-certified radiologists with imaging subspecialties available at each location. We provide the most comprehensive radiology services coupled with the highest level of technical expertise and patient service in the area.

Wake Radiology is registered as an Image Gently Provider by the American College of Radiology’s Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. The practice upholds strict protocols to ensure the lowest levels of radiation for diagnostic-quality images for children and adults.

Wake Radiology Pediatric Imaging is located in Raleigh at 4301 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 100. For more information on pediatric radiology, click here.

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