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Why Winter is a Great Time to Have a Varicose Vein Procedure

During the winter, we all bundle up from the cold. Your varicose veins may not be top-of-mind when your legs are covered, but the colder months are actually a good time to consider a vein procedure.

Veins Worsen in Winter

Regular exercise can minimize the risk and worsening of varicose veins by improving blood circulation and strengthen leg muscles. Unfortunately, many of us are less active than we normally are in warmer seasons which can lead to increased pain and discomfort. That means, varicose veins can actually get worse in the winter. Scheduling a vein procedure during the winter can help treat the source of your pain and have you back in good health before the weather warms up.

 Rest and Restore

All of the vein procedures done at Wake Radiology are image guided and minimally invasive. And even though we want patients to resume their normal activity level as soon as possible, winter is a good time to ensure that the rest and elevation necessary post-procedure also happen. Winter is a naturally slower season allowing patients a good amount of time to heal. Another bonus is that having varicose veins treated during the winter months ensures patients feel good during the spring and summer when pants and leggings change to shorts and dresses.

 Compression Stockings

Dr. Carroll Overton’s video explains the step-by-step process most patient go through when having any vein procedure. A consultation is commonly the first step and many insurance carriers require a period of conservative therapy which includes compression stockings, elevation and pain medicine before moving to a minimally invasive procedure. Wearing compression stockings during the winter means you can do so under pants or boots and it will keep you from adding extra layers during the hotter months.

Although there are many benefits to having varicose veins treated in winter, it’s ultimately up to the patient and their doctor as to when it’s the right time. If you’re in pain from varicose veins or you’re interested in learning more about vein and interventional radiology at Wake Radiology, request a vein consultation today or call us at 919.232.4700.


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