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Part One: What Is Your Excuse? Helping women feel comfortable with screening mammography

We all do it… get busy, put something off, save it for another day. We do it with little tasks and with events that actually have a direct impact on our health. One of the places where excuses run free is with why women postpone having an annual screening mammogram.

Women volunteeringSeveral of our mammogram technologists have joined together to help uncover ways to turn excuses into action. We don’t want fear or lack of understanding to drive decisions about your breast health. We’re taking a few of the reasons we regularly hear and explaining why a simple excuse shouldn’t stop you from scheduling your screening mammogram today.

Excuse #1: I’m just too busy.

We know you are and your time is extremely valuable. For most screening mammograms, we’re able to get you in and out of our office in 30 minutes or less. Even if you choose a 3D mammogram over a traditional screening, we’re able to have you on your way in about half an hour. Plus, we’ve added Genius™ 3D mammography units in 10 locations throughout the Triangle so you have access to revolutionary screening equipment right in your community. We really work to make it fast, easy and convenient to get a screening mammogram. We hope you’ll slow down — at least for 30 minutes — and take a little time to look after yourself.

Excuse #2: I can’t take time off from work.

Many jobs and offices have limited flexibility. To better fit your schedule, most of our breast imaging offices are open early, during lunch, after traditional work hours and on Saturday. We can get you in, do your screening and have you back on your way without eating into your work schedule. Wake Radiology offices can be found throughout the Triangle making it easy to have this life-saving screening near where you live, work and play.

Excuse #3: My last mammogram was negative, so I think I’ll skip a few years.

While we’re thankful you were cancer free, this logic doesn’t really hold. Most of us still have routine dental cleanings even if we don’t have cavities right? We admit that using that comparison is a stretch… it helps explain that preventative screenings are important to good health.

Every day, we see how breast tissues changes as women experience hormonal changes and age. And, regularly, we see cancers present in between annual screening mammograms. Starting at age 40, an annual screening mammogram is your best chance for catching breast cancer early when it’s easiest to treat.  

So, if you’ve decided to skip a year or two, we respectfully ask you to reconsider — for your health and for those who care about you.

Excuse #4: I’m embarrassed because… I’m over 40 and I’ve never had a mammogram.

We only care that you start screening. So don’t worry, you won’t get a lecture from us. We’ll meet you where you are.

Getting your first, baseline mammogram can be nerve-racking. Our mammography technologists are trained to explain the procedure, make sure you’re as comfortable as possible, and actually perform the screening. Our team will be with you every step of the way. In fact, to help you get started (during October 2016), we encourage you to take our Pinky Promise to have a screening mammogram within the next 12 months.

Excuse #5: I’m embarrassed because… it’s been years since my last mammogram.

We are glad to have you back! We understand that time has a way of slipping by, but don’t let that stop you — such an important exam is better late than never again. In fact, as part of our process, we’ll work with you to pull all prior mammogram images (regardless from how long ago) as a point for comparison. So, let’s start right where you are! Our online appointment request makes it easy to get your screening mammogram on your calendar today. And, when you come into the office, we’ll be right there with you.

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