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AI to Support Breast Cancer Detection

Wake Radiology UNC REX Healthcare, the Triangle’s largest provider of 3D mammography, is the first radiology practice in the Triangle to adopt iCAD’s Profound AI®, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology to aid in breast cancer detection.  

Wake Radiology MRI Patient

Know before you go for your MRI

When a doctor orders an MRI, patients know they’re coming to find out more about their health concern or the extent of an injury. What they don’t know, is what to expect during the MRI exam. 


Fast Breast MRI 

Abbreviated Breast MRI (also known as Fast Breast MRI) is a breast cancer screening tool available to women who have an average risk of breast cancer or who have dense breasts. Used in conjunction with 3D mammography, AB-MRI can increase cancer detection, but does not replace a yearly mammogram. 


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Lung Cancer Screenings Can Improve Treatment, Save Lives

Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths in the US. Low-dose CT lung cancer screenings give doctors and patients the ability to detect lung cancer when it’s potentially curable. Dr. Carmelo Gullotto explains the criteria for and benefits of a lung cancer screening.

Could Your Lung Cancer Be Treated?

Could Your Lung Cancer Be Treated?

Research recognizes that low-dose CT (LDCT) screenings can be a useful tool for detecting lung cancer early when it’s at a treatable stage. And, now many insurance plans are covering the procedure. Dr. Carmelo Gullotto explains how LDCT works.

Medical Imaging Can Help Detect Skin Cancer

[…] by the gallon as we all get outside and enjoy North Carolina’s great weather and attractions. Sunscreen is critical in helping to prevent sunburn and ultimately skin cancer. Did you know that medical imaging can help detect melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer? Dr. David Schultz explains how radiologists at Wake Radiology […]

Wake Radiology Recognized with National Digital Marketing Award

[…] Wake Radiology. In the past year, the practice’s updated website and digital platforms have helped Wake Radiology share information about advancements in 3D mammography, CT screenings for lung cancer, its dedicated pediatric imaging office and how patients can better manage back and joint pain. To see Wake Radiology online, visit To follow the practice […]

Wake Radiology to Provide Radiology Services at Johnston Health

[…] UNC REX Healthcare. Wake Radiology has maintained uninterrupted certification from the FDA and earned 11 quality accreditations from the American College of Radiology for MRI, CT, ultrasound, lung cancer screening, nuclear medicine, mammography and breast biopsy. “Wake Radiology’s highly trained radiologists are known for their actionable interpretations and compassionate care. They have earned the trust […]

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