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AI to Support Breast Cancer Detection

Wake Radiology UNC REX Healthcare, the Triangle’s largest provider of 3D mammography, is the first radiology practice in the Triangle to adopt iCAD’s Profound AI®, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology to aid in breast cancer detection.  

Wake Radiology MRI Patient

Know before you go for your MRI

When a doctor orders an MRI, patients know they’re coming to find out more about their health concern or the extent of an injury. What they don’t know, is what to expect during the MRI exam. 


Fast Breast MRI 

Abbreviated Breast MRI (also known as Fast Breast MRI) is a breast cancer screening tool available to women who have an average risk of breast cancer or who have dense breasts. Used in conjunction with 3D mammography, AB-MRI can increase cancer detection, but does not replace a yearly mammogram. 


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Answers to Your Joint Pain Questions

Answers to Your Joint Pain Questions

Joint pain can affect people regardless of age or activity level. Dr. Rusty Wilson, musculoskeletal radiologist and the Co-Director of the Orthopedic and Sport Imaging section at Wake Radiology, addresses common questions related to joint pain and when you should talk with your doctor about how imaging can help your diagnosis and treatment.

8 Things To Know Before Your First (or Next) Mammogram

[…] WakeRad UNC REX outpatient office, a certified technologist will guide you to dressing room where you’ll change into one of our pre-packaged, cloth gowns. Then, she will join you in a private exam room, explain the mammogram procedure and answer any questions you may have. She will help position your breast onto the platform […]

A New Partnership Improves Access to Medical Imaging for Area Patients

A New Partnership Improves Access to Medical Imaging for Area Patients

[…] is medical imaging? Medical imaging is a non-invasive tool that allows our doctors to see inside the body to detect and diagnose injuries, diseases and reasons for pain. When healthcare providers are able to identify a disease at an early stage, patients often need fewer invasive procedures and experience shorter recovery times. An early, […]

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