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Donna Parker: Finding the Right Care Team for You

When it comes to your health, it’s important that you not only find qualified physicians, but a care team full of individuals that make you feel safe and comfortable. This can be especially important when it comes to mammography. Getting a mammogram, no matter if it’s your first or your fifteenth can be somewhat nerve racking. This was the case for Donna Parker, a Mebane native who recently switched to Wake Radiology for her yearly mammogram.

Donna Parker: Finding the Right Care Team for YouIn 2016, Donna heard a lot about 3D mammography. And, having been told that she had dense breast tissue, she decided to have this type of advanced screening. The clarity and detail that comes from a 3D screening is especially important for women with dense breasts. A good friend pointed out how close she was to Wake Radiology’s Chapel Hill office and, shortly after, she came in for her first 3D mammogram.

Although she had never had a poor experience at her previous providers, something just clicked when she arrived at Wake Radiology.

“I just couldn’t believe how accommodating everyone was. What was so different was that from check-in to walking out, everyone was so cordial, professional and nice,” said Parker. “The mammogram technologist was so gentle and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process.”

Parker’s 3D mammogram showed an area of concern and she was called back to have a breast ultrasound. She admits this was frightening.

“You immediately start to jump to conclusions and get really scared about what they could find,” Parker said. “Thankfully, everyone was so reassuring that it helped to calm my nerves. Wake Radiology made a pleasant experience out of an unpleasant task that countless women face every day as part of their health maintenance.

Thankfully, Donna’s ultrasound came back clear. Due to her dense breasts, she has been told to have mammograms every six months, instead of just an annual screening. That, she says, is an appointment she is happy to make.

“My mother had breast cancer and due to my dense breasts, I understand the importance of breast health and staying up-to-date on my mammograms. It’s one of the few preventative measures you can take,” says Parker.

Since her first Wake Radiology appointment, Donna has told all her friends about her positive experience and highly recommends that every woman take advantage of their 3D services.

If you’re scared or nervous about having your mammogram, go to Wake Radiology,” says Parker. “They make it a priority to make you feel comfortable and at ease.”

Wake Radiology is the Triangle’s leader in 3D mammography and we offer this potentially life-saving screening at almost all of our offices throughout the greater Triangle area. It’s simple to have a 3D mammogram, you can select 3D when you make an online appointment request or when you talk with our Scheduling Team at 919-232-4700.

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