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Peace of Mind Comes From a Simple Routine: Marsha Abrams

A lot of us work pretty hard to keep a routine. Whether it’s starting the day with a fresh cup of coffee or going for a run with your dog after work, we often find comfort in being a “creature of habit.” That’s the mentality Marsha Abrams applies every year when it’s time to have her screening mammogram. It’s part of her routine. An important part that gives her peace of mind.

Marsha has been a mammography patient at Wake Radiology for nine years running. Although she’s always had a clean bill of health and doesn’t have a family history of breast cancer, Marsha understands how quickly cancer can form and spread, so she “doesn’t want to push her luck by skipping a year.”

Just last month, Marsha went to the Wake Radiology Smithfield office to have her annual screening exam. “They let me pick an appointment time that works for me,” said Marsha. “I’m retired and have flexibility with my schedule. I know that a lot of working women have trouble scheduling mammograms because of the time barriers — Wake Radiology just eliminates that problem.”

On the day of her exam, Marsha arrived at the Smithfield office a few minutes early, but didn’t have to wait at all. Her technologist greeted her in the lobby and walked with her back to the exam room.

“My technologist was super friendly,” said Marsha. “I felt confident that she was going to do a good job because that’s how she presented herself.”

In previous years, Marsha had taken an ibuprofen in case there was any soreness after the exam. This year, she forgot, but ended up having her best mammogram to date.

“The exam was totally pain free and not at all uncomfortable! Plus, the robes they provide are made from a very soft fabric and come in a sealed plastic bag so you know they’re always clean,” said Marsha. “My technologist even checked my images to makes sure she had clear, quality pictures before I left. In all, the exam didn’t even take 10 minutes.”

Just four days after her mammogram, Marsha received her mammogram report from Wake Radiology in the mail. Her results? Another year without cancer and she’s in good breast health.

When asked about the best part of her mammogram experience, Marsha said, “There’s no waiting. When you have to wait, you get nervous. Wake Radiology cuts down on your being nervous.”

Marsha understands how easily one could forget to schedule a yearly mammogram. That’s why she’s grateful for the reminder she receives from Wake Radiology each year as her necessary exam time nears.

Now that her daughter is over 40, Marsha reminds her about how important it is to have an annual screening mammogram. “Once you go the first time and see how easy and painless it is, then you won’t hesitate each year after,” says Marsha.

At Wake Radiology, we appreciate Marsha’s “routine” to ensure she’s free of breast cancer. We try to make it easy for all women in the Triangle to squeeze a screening mammogram into their schedule. In fact, many of our offices offer extended hours and are open on Saturdays. Some locations can even accommodate walk-in appointments. If you’re over 40 and need to schedule your annual mammogram, we’re here to help you start a new routine – you can request a mammogram online or call our scheduling team at 919-232-4700.

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