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Not all roses are the same. And, neither are all mammograms. 3D mammograms can detect breast cancer at its earliest stage.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide.
A mammogram can detect cancer early when it is most treatable.

Even though this is the case, nearly a third of American women currently do not get regular mammograms.


3D Mammograms Are Better

To show patients the difference, we gave a rose a mammogram.

When looking at these images, it’s easy to see which screening mammogram offers a better picture of what’s happening inside the rose. The same holds true for what our breast imaging radiologists see when they interpret a patient’s 3D mammogram. 

3D mammograms help our physicians:

  • Detect breast cancer at its earliest possible stage
  • Offer greater detail and clarity of breast tissue regardless of age or breast density
  • Detect small, invasive cancers earlier than ever before
  • Provide peace of mind for patients

  • Greater accuracy for earlier and easier detection. Traditional 2D mammogram present a flat image. Sometimes breast tissue can appear overlapped, making it difficult to see individual structures and causing normal breast tissue to look abnormal. 3D mammography virtually eliminates these challenges and allows our radiologists to better differentiate structures as well as the location, size and shape of any abnormal tissue, such as smaller, more invasive cancers. 3D mammography has been shown to improve breast cancer detection by 27-50%.
  • Fewer call backs. In the past, if the radiologist saw an area that was questionable, the patient would be asked to return for additional imaging. Now, when breast tissue can be seen in smaller, thinner sections, a “second look” is frequently unnecessary. 3D mammography have shown to lower recall rates by 17-40%.

Learn more about 3D mammography and how the screening is performed. 

Easy Scheduling at All of Our Locations

3D mammograms are offered at all of our outpatient imaging locations. And, we can typically have you in, out and on your way in 30 minutes or less. Evening, Saturday and same-day appointments are available, plus walk-ins are welcome. While patients must have seen a primary care doctor in the past 18 months, a signed physician referral is not required for this annual exam.

Schedule your annual screening by calling us at 919-232-4700 or by submitting an appointment request online.

All of our breast imaging locations offices are accredited by the American College of Radiology and have earned the ACR’s highest recognition as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE). 3D mammography is available at most Wake Radiology Triangle locations. Find a location near you! 

3D Mammography and Insurance Coverage

A 3D screening mammogram is currently covered by most major insurance carriers. We strongly recommend that you verify coverage with your carrier before your appointment. Wake Radiology offers payment plans for all exams, including 3D mammograms. Our breast imaging radiologists believe so strongly in this advanced technology we don’t want costs to keep you from having this potentially lifesaving screening. Check which insurance plans are in-network with Wake Radiology.

Additional Resources about 3D Mammography

We believe it’s important for women to know all they can about their own health, especially how preventative screenings – like mammography – can improve their overall wellness. We’ve developed a robust resource section to help you Know More and it’s full of blogs and videos from our breast imaging radiologists as well as stories from our patients. 
Our breast imaging radiologists also recommend these resources:

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