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Since 1953, Wake Radiology has been the Triangle’s preferred provider of quality outpatient imaging. It’s a position we’ve worked hard to earn and have a strong responsibility to maintain.


Our Quality Standards

Quality imaging is at the heart of what we do. We are constantly vigilant to uphold the strict image, technology, education and quality standards required by the FDA, the American College of Radiology (ACR) and our own practice.

FDA Certification

All WakeRad UNC REX outpatient breast imaging offices are FDA certified. We participate in annual reviews by federal inspectors who evaluate our imaging equipment, verify the credentials and training of our technologists and radiologists, and perform random quality control checks on images. Our FDA certification also proves that all of our offices meet expectations outlined in the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA).

ACR Accreditation

WakeRad UNC REX is proud to have also received the highest ACR accreditations possible for imaging in the United States. We are proud to have been continuously certified by the FDA and accredited by the ACR since the accreditations became mandatory in the early 1990s.

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Earning these designations signifies that our practice is among the best in the specialty and demonstrates the quality and range of radiology exams we perform. To maintain our accreditation, we must pass inspection for these standards every three years.

  • All WakeRad UNC REX facilities are accredited by the ACR, the leading accrediting body for imaging providers.
  • WakeRad UNC REX has been certified by the ACR for the following imaging studies:
    • Breast Imaging Center Of Excellence
    • Breast MRI
    • Breast US
    • CT
    • CT Lung Screening
    • Mammography
    • MRI
    • Nuclear Medicine
    • PET-CT
    • Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
    • US
    • US Guided Breast Biopsy
  • WakeRad UNC REX is the first outpatient provider in the Triangle to earn the ACR’s prestigious Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE) designation. This goes beyond certification in mammography alone.

ISCD Accreditation

WakeRad UNC REX is also the only provider in the Triangle to be certified by the International Society of Clinical Densitometry (ISCD) for bone density studies.

Quality imaging is consistent.

Wake Radiology UNC REX has provided outpatient medical imaging to the greater Triangle since 1953. Without interruption, our focus on quality imaging and patient care has earned the trust of area health professionals and patients.

“I have been coming to Wake Radiology UNC REX since 1986 for my mammograms and other scans. The service, technologists and doctors are exemplary. Professional and caring throughout the procedure makes it easy for the patient. This is the only office I will use for my radiology appointments.” – Jane S.

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Local, physician-directed & focused on quality care
Wake Radiology is not owned by a major health conglomerate or national outpatient imaging business. Instead of answering to outside investors, we remain a local, radiologist-owned practice, led by imaging experts who put quality and patient care first. This focus empowered us to establish a joint venture with UNC REX Healthcare that extends our convenient outpatient offices and sub-specialized imaging to more patients and health care teams. This partnership is why we’re proud to be Wake Radiology UNC REX Healthcare.

Unwavering, recognized commitment to quality
We are committed to upholding the rigorous image, technology, education and quality standards required by the FDA, the American College of Radiology (ACR) and our own practice. Without fail, we have received the highest certifications and accreditations possible since these criteria were put in place in the early 1990s. Maintaining these standards demonstrates our dedication to quality imaging and the highest standards of patient care.

Quality imaging is experience.

The radiologists at Wake Radiology UNC REX are board-certified and subspecialty-trained in specific areas of medical imaging. Their expertise is trusted to deliver actionable interpretations and they have developed collaborative relationships with health care providers that impact patient care.

“I had an urgent situation, my doc’s office called and scheduled. Wake Radiology scheduled me immediately and got results to my doctor right away.” – Sandra L.

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Top-rated training and expertise
Our radiologists are highly trained in their subspecialty—just like our referring physicians—and come from respected universities and teaching hospitals. All physicians are board-certified by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) and many hold a Certificate of Added Qualifications in addition to their fellowship training. To meet our own standards, our physicians voluntarily participate in the ABR Maintenance of Certification program. 

True subspecialization in our care teams
Wake Radiology UNC REX organizes our radiologists into care teams based on their subspecialized training. This brings together a breadth and depth of clinical expertise that ensures radiology standards, including consistent, actionable interpretations. Actionable reports start during an imaging exam. That’s why all of our radiologic technologists have earned the highest level of certification possible in their modality. From a patient’s initial exam through a final report, our expertise drives decisions that impact a patient’s care, treatment plans, and quality of life.

Quality imaging is affordable.

Wake Radiology UNC REX provides outpatient medical imaging. That means we never charge hospital or facility fees. Plus, we’re in-network with every major insurance provider in the Triangle. The result — patients receive affordable, quality imaging that meets the highest safety and accreditation standards.

Great service at a very fair price! Obviously, a lot of care went into keeping the environment clean and preventing the potential spread of COVID-19. Very gracious and caring staff. Kudos! – Ron B.

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Cost-effective care
Image quality and interpretation accuracy impacts the health of thousands of Triangle men, women and children every day. At Wake Radiology, we constantly aim to ensure the right test is given to the right patient at the right time for the right medical reasons and refrain from performing unnecessary exams that add to the bottom line. This helps eliminate unnecessary or duplicate exams. Sometime, however, patients and area health professionals are steered to “cheap” imaging. That can bring unintended higher costs when care isn’t taken to make the most informed imaging decision. Wake Radiology’s approach supports high quality health outcomes and helps contain overall healthcare costs. Read more about steerage.

Insurance and financial assistance
WakeRad UNC REX is a contracted, in-network provider with every major managed care plan in the greater Triangle. For patients whose plans are not within our network, we file claims on their behalf.  We also serve patients who don’t have insurance and/or require financial assistance. We offer interest-free payment plans and prompt payment discounts to lower out-of-pocket costs.

Quality imaging is personal.

Just like you, our radiologists, technologists and employees have made the Triangle their home. The patients we care for are our family, friends and neighbors. We do our best every day because we know we’re caring for someone’s loved one. That’s a responsibility we hold close.

“Over the past several months family medical issues took my wife to Wake Radiology numerous times, and then came my need to have some exams done. In each and every visit, we were treated not only with a high level of professionalism, but also in a manner that made me/us feel like we were important to and valued by, the staff, and not just another client. That means a lot!” – Marc J.

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Large enough to serve you, small enough to know you
Wake Radiology is just the right size. We are large enough to offer high-quality comprehensive imaging at 14 outpatient offices throughout the greater Triangle. We have more than 50 radiologists segmented into dedicated clinical teams, all trained in a particular subspecialty. Each team consistently delivers true subspecialty interpretations, complete coverage and quick responses. We’re also small enough to form personal relationships with our patients and local health professionals, many of which we’ve served for years. Our team – from our scheduling and patient service representatives to our certified technologists and subspecialized radiologists – strives for individual connections and provide needed customization, clear communication and compassionate care.

Quality imaging is simple.

Patients and health care providers want fast access to convenient imaging appointments. Wake Radiology UNC REX makes it easy to schedule at any of our 14 Triangle locations through our dedicated scheduling phone number or our online appointment request. Our schedulers are ready when you are.

“Super-efficient scheduling and registration process! A COVID protocol that helped me feel safe. Warm, attentive, thoughtful staff. It doesn’t get better than this!” – Suzanna D.

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Convenient locations and hours
Wake Radiology UNC REX has an outpatient imaging office in or near every major community in the Triangle. Our offices are close to where patients live and work and many have evening and weekend hours. 3D mammography is offered at every location and our MRI services are available seven days a week with early morning and evening appointments available. We also offer walk-in x-ray appointments for patients with a physician’s order. Find a location near you.

Keeping patients safe
Every day, we work diligently to maintain clean, safe imaging offices for both our patients and staff. We routinely care for sick patients and those with fragile immune systems. Before COVID-19, our team was already accustomed to working in an environment hyper aware of professional hygiene and disease prevention. That’s allowed us to provide essential imaging to patients and providers during this pandemic. We’ve added safety protocols, like wearing masks and text-on-arrival for appointments, to our standard deep disinfecting and sanitizing processes. We’re working to ensure our patients and team members are healthy and safe.

Quality imaging is actionable.

Health care providers refer patients to Wake Radiology because they trust our interpretations. Our radiologists specialize in the detection of disease, illness and injury through medical imaging and interventional services. Their detailed reports help health care providers create care plans that benefit their patients.

“Great facility and staff at Wake Radiology UNC REX. They were attentive to my needs, thorough in their work and quick turnaround to my physician with findings.” – Kevin B.

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Comparison of prior exams
For every exam and for every patient, the radiologists at Wake Rad Radiology compare current scans with prior studies. We also request and review exams performed by other radiology practices as available. This approach provides essential information, helps us eliminate duplicate exams, and presents actionable reports that inform treatment and care plans.

Always on access
We offer secure, 24×7 web-based access to radiology information for both patients and referring healthcare professionals. For patients, our Patient Portal enables online registration and access to radiology reports. For healthcare professionals, our Provider Portal has ordering information and gives access to patient images and diagnostic reports through our InteleConnect PACS.

Quality imaging is connected.

Wake Radiology UNC REX invests in technology that makes it easier and faster for area health professionals to get information from us. Our always-on, mobile-friendly InteleConnect PACS and Provider Portal give referring providers 24/7 access to patient images and reports right when providers need them.

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Just a phone call away
WakeRad UNC REX maintains physician hotlines to assist with clinical decision support and report questions. We’re available to discuss exam selection and take the time upfront to carefully understand, confirm and customize procedures. After an exam, we are available to discuss our interpretations and provide input into potential treatment and care plans. Our hotlines are organized per subspecialty to maximize our expertise and support for local health professionals.

Incorporating new technologies, like AI
We’re proud to have been the first imaging provider to bring advanced technologies to our community. This history continues as we embrace artificial intelligence technologies as part of our interpretation resources. WakeRad UNC REX is the first in the area to use a smart localizer. This is an AI tool that automates image registration between current and prior body CT exams to increase efficiency. We’re also testing AI applications that could assist our radiologists with CT lung and chest x-ray exams. These tools could help our team identify early stage pulmonary nodules on CT lung cancer screening exams, more clearly see parts of the lung that can be obscured by the ribs on a chest x-ray, or find other critical, but sometimes subtle abnormalities. WakeRad UNC REX is committed to exploring and implementing technology that impact patient care, improve our service and increase our efficiency to referring physicians.

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