CT Lung Cancer

Lung cancer continues to be the primary cause of cancer-related deaths in this nation. If you’ve smoked or currently smoke, a CT lung cancer screening could help determine your risk for developing lung cancer.


Early detection is your best defense against lung cancer. Low-dose CT lung cancer scans are capable of detecting tumors that are smaller than 1.0 centimeter in size, presenting an effective means to diagnose lung cancer during its early stages, preventing disease advancement. This remarkably sensitive CT scan of the chest focuses exclusively on the lungs. Low-dose CT lung cancer screenings are quick, painless, and can save lives!


The success of CT lung cancer screenings in identifying cancer at an early stage was so compelling that in March 2021, the United States Preventive Services Task Force broadened the criteria for individuals eligible for these screenings. It’s advisable to have a discussion with your healthcare provider and reach out to your insurance company to learn whether you meet the requirements outlined in the current or updated guidelines.

CT lung cancer screening and insurance


Eligibility for CT lung cancer screening is determined by a set of specific criteria that typically involve factors such as age, smoking history, and overall health. Recent updates to guidelines in 2021 have expanded eligibility, making this vital screening more accessible to a wider range of individuals. It’s crucial to consult with your healthcare provider to evaluate whether you meet the current criteria and, if needed, confirm your eligibility with your insurance provider to ensure you can benefit from this powerful tool for early cancer detection. Don’t wait; take the first step in safeguarding your lung health today.

Wake Radiology - The First to be Accredited

Wake Radiology UNC REX was the first healthcare provider in North Carolina to earn distinction as a designated Lung Cancer Screening Center by the American College of Radiology. 



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