Body Imaging 


Wake Radiology’s body imaging specialists utilize sophisticated imaging equipment and powerful computer systems, once available only at large health centers, to identify disease processes at an earlier stage.

Our comprehensive services offered in convenient outpatient centers include traditional X-ray and real-time fluoroscopy, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positron emission tomography (PET·CT). Our body imaging radiologists work closely with your physician or specialist to provide prompt reliable results. Our ability to view the body’s internal structures and system functions has enabled our radiologists to detect and diagnose disease and illness earlier, in a non-invasive manner, leading to treatment and intervention with more successful outcomes.


    Sub-specialized in Body Imaging

    Our subspecialists in body imaging provide an unusually extensive depth of expertise that ranges from conventional techniques to advanced imaging protocols. Our computed tomography (CT) program employs stringent dose reduction guidelines for adult and pediatric CT exams and Wake Radiology proudly participates in the Image Gently initiative sponsored by the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. Wake Radiology conducts one of the largest body MRI programs in the region and our depth of expertise is well known.

    Triangle Outpatient Body Imaging Offices

    With multiple outpatient imaging centers, appointments are often available within hours or days of scheduling, and your physician will have our results quickly. Our responsiveness and communication allow physicians to remain the focal point of care. Combined with continuity of imaging over time and across imaging modalities, these are hallmarks of a high standard of care.

    Registered Ultrasound Specialists

    Wake Radiology’s ultrasound section is staffed by highly qualified ultrasonographers with over 325 combined years experience. All of our ultrasonographers are registered by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) in at least one of these areas of specialty; abdominal, OBG-GYN, breast, and vascular sonography. Ultrasound is used to diagnose disease and aid in guiding interventional procedures like breast and thyroid biopsies.

    Your Experience is Our Image

    Compassionate Care

    My technician was so friendly & knowledgeable. It was my first CT scan and I was very nervous. She put me at ease & was a pleasure to work with. The ladies working the front desk were also great. Efficient & helpful!

    ~ Megan D. (North Hills Office)

    Meet Our Body Imaging Radiologists

    Monica Agarwal, MD

    Co-Director of Breast Imaging, Breast & Body Imaging Radiologist

    James D. Barnwell, MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist

    Gideon J. Bollino, MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist

    Kaleigh L. Burke, MD

    Body & Breast Imaging Radiologist

    Sendhil K. Cheran, MD, MPH

    Director of Emergency Radiology, Body & Emergency Radiologist

    G. Glenn Coates, MS, MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist

    Imre Gaal Jr., MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist

    Carmelo Gullotto, MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist, Breast MRI Specialist

    Paul A. Haugan, MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist

    Matthew L. Hoimes, MD, MS

    Co-Director of Body Imaging, Body Imaging Radiologist

    Cristian A. Jurau, MD

    Body & Emergency Radiologist

    Barry Keane, MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist

    Sage Kramer, MD

    Co-Director of Body MRI, Body Imaging Radiologist

    John Matzko, MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist

    Monica B. Reddy, MD

    Co-Director of Breast Imaging, Breast & Abdominal Imaging Radiologist

    Duncan P. Rougier-Chapman, MD

    Co-Director of Breast MRI Services, Body Imaging Radiologist

    David I. Schulz, MD

    Co-Director of Body Imaging & Director of PET-CT Services, Body Imaging Radiologist

    J. Mark Spargo, MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist

    Kristopher Tantillo MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist

    Ami V. Vakharia, MD

    Body & Breast Imaging Radiologist

    Sean P. Wagner, MD

    Body Imaging Radiologist

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