What to Expect


Knowing what to expect during your medical imaging exam helps reduce anxiety and can improve the quality of the images we obtain. 

When it comes to monitoring your health, image is everything. And, at Wake Radiology, we do everything imaging. Our nearly 50 radiologists perform close to 600,000 diagnostic and interventional procedures each year — and on every part of the body. Our entire team strives to provide exceptional care, ensure your comfort and be mindful of your time. 

The following information is to help you prepare for your appointment and exam. If you have questions about your imaging exam, contact our Scheduling Team at 919-232-4700. They can explain all the necessary preparations, including the check-in time for your exam. Your referring physician is also a good resource for any questions you have.

Reminders for Your Appointments

Our Scheduling Team will remind you about your upcoming imaging appointment. This is an opportunity for you to confirm your appointment and for us to answer any questions you have.

  • Two days before your exam, we will call you to confirm your appointment time, office location, exam type and to discuss any needed preparation. If you have not already confirmed via email or text, you will be contacted four days prior to your exam if your appointment is on a Monday.
  • We will send an email confirmation 48-72 hours before your appointment.
  • If you requested it, we will send a reminder text message about 36 hours prior to your appointment.

Understanding Steerage

We’re proud of the trust referring physicians have placed in our practice since 1953. Knowing that subspecialty trained radiologists will interpret your images is one of the main reasons local providers refer patients to Wake Radiology. Third-party companies, often working on behalf of insurance companies, do attempt to steer patients to other imaging practices for a variety of reasons. If you are contacted by one of these company, check with your physician before changing your appointment. We believe it’s important to both trust your referring provider’s recommendation and to know more about steerage in our area.

Prepare for Your Appointment

Whether you are visiting Wake Radiology for a simple chest X-ray or a more complex procedure, we take your comfort and time into consideration. Many studies require little or no patient preparation while others require detailed preparation before the study can be performed. For detailed information about patient preparation, click on the following links & form:

Post-Exam Process

For most exams, patients are free to leave once images are complete. Your images are immediately routed to one of our subspecialty radiologists for interpretation. If previous images are available, we obtain those and our doctors use those to compare the current exam with this historical information. This helps us evaluate any changes and how those should factor into a diagnosis. Our radiologists then provide an actionable report to your doctor who ordered your images. Your doctor will follow up with you regarding results and develop a treatment plan based on that diagnosis.

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