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The Nuclear Medicine Examination

icon-meetradiologistNuclear medicine is a method of imaging the body using radioactive materials. Highly skilled professionals use special equipment and procedures to learn how certain organs function and to diagnose and determine the extent of diseases. The radioactive material is introduced into the body by injection, inhalation, or by swallowing. After the radiation has had time to travel to the body part of interest, the imaging or scan begins.

Common Adult Nuclear Medicine Procedures

Bone Scan: Whole body, Limited area, With Spect,   Three-phase, Mulitple area
Gastric emptying scan
Hepatobilaiary (HIDA scan): with CCK, without CCK
MUGA scan
Parathyroid scan
Renal: with diuretic
Thyroid scan: with RAIU
X-ray for correlation of positive bone scan finding


SPECT Imaging

All Wake Radiology Diagnostic Imaging’s Nuclear Medicine departments are fully SPECT (Single Proton Emission Computed Tomography) capable. Using SPECT, we are able to provide 3-D computer-reconstructed images of multiple views and function of the organ being imaged, providing a much higher degree of resolution and accuracy than with traditional planar imaging.


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Wake Radiology is a participating provider for most major managed care insurance plans. We provide imaging services and file claims on behalf of all patients, including those with out-of-network insurance plans where a higher cost share may apply. Learn more about insurance.

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