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Detection by Our Numbers

Why we recommend annual mammography starting at age 40. 

At Wake Radiology, we encourage all women to know more about how they can protect themselves against breast cancer. Early detection continues to be our best tool for diagnosing and treating this disease. Screening mammography plays a critical role in saving lives.

Facts from Local Breast Imaging Experts

During the past year, several national medical organizations have changed their recommendations on when women should begin screening mammograms. At Wake Radiology, we continue to believe that high quality, annual mammography starting at age 40 remains a woman’s best chance of detecting breast cancer early. And, data from our practice supports this position.

DetectionByOurNumbers_Mammogram_WakeRadStart Mammography at Age 40

Between 2011 – 2015, our practice performed thousands of screening mammograms on women throughout the Triangle area. Screening mammograms simply look for signs of cancer in women who do not have any symptoms or changes in their breast.

During this time, almost 17 percent of all breast cancers detected through screening mammogram were found in women between ages 40-49.

Have a Mammogram Every Year

Early detection is the best prevention for breast cancer. Screening mammography – particularly through 3D mammography – can detect cancers only millimeters in size. Annual screening starting at age 40 provides a baseline for breast health and breast changes to help find cancers at the earliest possible stage – when positive outcomes are most likely.

DectectionByOurNumbers_BurkeQuote_WakeRadConsider a 3D Mammogram

3D mammography – or tomosynthesis – is a revolutionary new tool for detecting breast cancer. During the screening, a computer uses the mammogram images to produce a layered, 3D image of the breast tissue that allows a radiologist to scan through the one millimeter images like pages in a book. Said another way, 3D mammography provides greater detail and allows the radiologist to see “inside” the breast layer by layer to find cancers earlier than ever.

As of October 2016, Wake Radiology has invested in adding 10 Hologic Genius ™ 3D mammography units to offices throughout the greater Raleigh area. With almost triple as many units as any other local imaging provider, Wake Radiology is the Triangle leader in advanced breast imaging.

Dedicated Mammogram Technologists and Breast Imaging Radiologists

  • acr-awardAll of the mammography technologists at Wake Radiology have received certification by the American College of Radiology (ACR).
  • All screening mammograms are read by board certified radiologists who are dedicated to providing the highest level of breast imaging and patient care.
  • All of Wake Radiology’s mammogram offices have been awarded the ACR’s prestigious Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE) designation.

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