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Wake Radiology UNC REX Healthcare Adopts AI Technology to Support Breast Cancer Detection

Local Group Becomes First Outpatient Radiology Practice to Use Artificial Intelligence for 3D Mammography

Wake Radiology UNC REX Healthcare, the Triangle’s largest provider of 3D mammography, is the first radiology practice in the Triangle to adopt iCAD’s Profound AI®, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology to aid in breast cancer detection. ProFound AI is the first FDA cleared AI platform designed for use with 3D mammography to aid in breast cancer detection. Wake Radiology UNC REX is the first and only practice in the greater Raleigh area to use ProFound AI.

“The new ProFound AI technology is another tool our physicians may use in the effort to improve cancer detection and decrease recall rates,” says Susan Kennedy, MD, Director of Breast Imaging at Wake Radiology UNC REX Healthcare. “Artificial intelligence won’t replace the radiologists. However, we believe the radiologist using AI tools is able to do a better job than the radiologist alone. Our goal is to best leverage this technology to translate in overall better care for our patients.”

Unlike a 2D mammogram that produces only four images, a typical 3D screening mammogram can create 200 or more images for each patient. ProFound AI aids the radiologist in evaluating this large data set by marking areas of potential concern for a more focused review. This AI platform has been developed using one of the largest 3D mammography datasets and uses pattern recognition technology to assess each 3D mammogram image.

“Our breast imagers recognized early on that 3D mammography was a game-changer in improving breast cancer detection. We believe that this AI technology aiding our radiologists in the interpretation of a 3D mammogram is the next big step in improving breast care for our patients,” says Kennedy.

The physicians at Wake Radiology UNC REX are excited to bring the ProFound AI technology to the Triangle area.

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Founded in 1953 by Albert M. Jenkins, MD, FACR, Wake Radiology UNC REX Healthcare is proud to be the oldest and largest outpatient imaging provider in the Triangle. Since then, Wake Radiology UNC REX has expanded to include more than 50 subspecialty radiologists at more than a dozen locations in Wake County and throughout the greater Triangle. We offer 3D mammography at multiple locations throughout the communities we serve. Wake Radiology UNC REX has been first to introduce numerous methods of imaging, including AI technology, and subspecialized radiology to Wake County. To learn more, visit

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Headquartered in Nashua, NH, iCAD is a global medical technology leader providing innovative cancer detection and therapy solutions. For more information, visit

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