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Subject: Body Imaging

Whole Body Imaging
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Outpatient imaging & expertise
April 2015

Evaluating the Female Pelvis
(Ultra) Sound Advice
Danielle Wellman, MD
47 minutes

Coronary CT
for Chest Pain
Rans Douglas, MD
57 minutes

What to Expect During Your MRI Exam

When a doctor orders an MRI, patients know they that will get information about an injury or health concern. What they don’t know, is what to expect during the actual MRI exam. To help, Kimberly Morris, Lead MRI technologist and Manager of our Raleigh MRI office, helped us pull together information that walks you through the entire process. Learn more…

Medical Imaging Can Help Detect Skin Cancer

With summer officially here, sunscreen is likely being used by the gallon as we all get outside and enjoy North Carolina’s great weather and attractions. Sunscreen is critical in helping to prevent sunburn and ultimately skin cancer. Did you know that medical imaging can help detect melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer? Dr. David Schultz explains how radiologists at Wake Radiology use PET-CT to help with diagnosis and staging of this skin cancer. Learn more…

3d mammography

How 3D Mammography Changed My Life

As a retired school teacher of 40 years, Gail Woolard knows the importance of following directions. When it comes to her health, she listens to the recommended guidelines to receive a yearly mammogram, starting at the age of 40. Following these directions — year in and year out — not only gave Gail peace of mind, but it may have saved her life. Learn more…

Top 5 MRI Questions

Just being told you need a MRI can make you worried and anxious. One of our certified technologists answers the top 5 questions that are asked most commonly asked about having an MRI. Learn more…

A Technologist’s View: What Did You See?

Quality images are the foundation for an accurate diagnosis. One of our radiologic technologists explains why capturing just the right image is critical to your health. And, how providing the best quality images makes it possible for our subspecialty radiologists to make a diagnosis. Learn more…

What Is That on My X-Ray?

Ever wonder what that item is on your x-ray? Almost every person who comes into our office for an x-ray asks about “that thing in the corner.” One of our technologist has the answer to question everyone wants answered. Learn more…

What Makes An Image?

by Lyndon K. Jordan, III, MD • I am sometimes asked, “what makes an image?” For an x-ray image, most people think of a film on a lightbox with shadows of bones and organs. As a radiologist, I can tell you that an image is much more than that at Wake Radiology. Learn more…

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